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The Dayton Arab American Forum (DAAF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian organization focused on promoting the cultural heritage of Arab-Americans in and around the Dayton Region. 

DAAF's mission is to develop and maintain programs which will:

  Promote the cultural heritage of Arab Americans.
  Foster tolerance & understanding of Arab Americans among the general population.
  Counter all discrimination & cultural stereotyping of Arabs & Americans of Arab descent.
  Represent the views of the membership to the local media.
  Encourage communication among all Arab Americans.
  Create liaisons & maintain cooperative relationships with local & national organizations. 

Please read the DAAF Constitution for a more in-depth understanding of our organization.      

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It is the time of year when DAAF Paid Members are asked to consider the opportunity of becoming a board member.


The Dayton Arab-American Forum will be governed by a Board of Directors duly elected by the membership, and will consist of nine persons, and the Immediate Past President. A term of office will be three years, with three new members elected each year. A member may stand for re-election at the conclusion of their appointed or elected term.

The Board of Directors will elect its officers by majority vote. Any member of the Board of Directors may be elected to the office of Treasurer or Secretary. The President and Vice-President may be selected from a member who has served at least one year on the Board of Directors.

If you wish to be considered to become a member of the board, please send me a brief bio and why becoming a member of the board would be a benefit to our organization by July 14th.

Thank You,

Tony Massoud

Secretary DAAF

(937) 238-0595


DAAF's 2016 Leadership

Board of Directors - Officers

Ms. Maha Kashani - President 
Dr. Burhan Yanes - Vice President
Mr. Tony Massoud - Secretary
Mr. Munther Shtayyeh- Past President and Treasurer

Board of Directors - At Large 

Ms. Kandice Abdul Kader
Mr. Wes Hamdan
Ms. Lamees Mubaslat
Dr. Bassam Nakfour
Mr. Michael Nordyke
Mr. Hish Shtayyeh
Dr. Patricia Abboud
Dr. Fahmi Abboushi
Dr. Kindy Ghussin
Mr. Tom Shoemaker

Mr. Tony Antoun 

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