DAAF was launched in 1993 as an effort by a circle of long-term friends to bring the Dayton Arab-American community together and promote the history and traditions of Arab culture in the Miami Valley area. 


DAAF’s first board included: the late Laurence Warwar, the late Mahmud Faruki MD, the late Fred Joseph, Basil Yanes MD,  Magda Iskandar MD (now residing in Egypt), Riad Kallas, Hisham Shtayyeh, Randa Slim and Bassam Nakfour MD. Randa Slim coined the organization’s name as the Dayton Arab American Forum, to be referred to as DAAF. The first board drafted the organization’s charter and by-laws and launched its first activities in 1994. The late Dr. Faruki was selected as DAAF first board president with Bassam Nakfour as vice-president and Riad Kallas as treasurer.


DAAF presidents in order of succession:


Mahmud Faruki, MD

Bassam Nakfour, MD

Mrs Laurence Warwar

Bassam Nakfour, MD

Basil Yanes, MD

Sami Muhtadi, MD

Mr George Daoud

Abdallah Adib MD

Mrs Randa Shrit

Mr. Munther Shtayyeh

Ms. Maha Kashani

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