The "Arabs" in the US are the most educated and the richest?


Important information to think about.

The latest statistics performed in the US have demonstrated the following facts, relative to the 5.3 million of Arabic descent: 

61% of the Arabs (Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Iraqis, North Africans…) earned the highest university degrees versus 30% of

the average US citizens. The average Arab in the US earns $54,000 versus 43,000.

57% of the Arabs in the US own single family homes versus 43%
The Arabs in the US hold the highest posts and the most private businesses than the other US minorities, including European, Japanese, and Chinese.

The Lebanese constitute 40% of the total Arab US, followed by the Syrians (12.3%), the Egyptians (12%), the Palestinians (6%)….
The Christians among the Arabs in the US form 63% and the Muslims 24%.

John Stewart Kenneth said : “The Arabs are starting to scare us with their intelligence and competitiveness. Even our thinking are

challenged and changed. Once opportunities for freedom, justice were available to the US Arabs, they advanced in accelerated speed. The US Arabs came from poor countries and reacted to their former dignities in their original countries by showing us to the second rank in our society.

Moses Naeem, founder of “Foreign Policies” in the USA wrote an article saying: “Why Arab descendants are more successful than most ordinary US citizens? Why are they more intelligent and richer? Why in such a hurry?”

The Zionist lobby is reacting vehemently to these new finding : The Zionists kept the stigma of stupid Arabs for 6 decades and showing them as terrorists and lazy in Hollywood movies....

DAAF Member Highlight: 

Middle East Institute, MEI Receives $500,000 Carnegie Grant for Track II Dialogues Initiative. 

Dr Randa Slim, Director of MEI's initiative for Track II Dialogue is the Director of the newly launched program. The Grant will fund a project titled "Arab States in Transition": Challenges and Opportunities in Conflict Management in Egypt and Syria.

Stay tuned at for more.

DAAF Board Member, Abe Bassett, PhD is a recent author, 

Abe, Son of Abraham begins as a series of well written and funny vignettes about the author’s early years and his special relationship with his father. It concludes with remembrances of his uncles and aunts, immigrants from Lebanon. In between are stories of adventures of hitchhiking in Europe, serving in the Army in the Far East and traveling in the Middle East. 

    The title derives from the fact that Abe and Abraham are Junior and Senior, leading to the book’s dedication to the father whose influence permeated the life of the junior. 

    Abe J. Bassett is Emeritus Professor of Theatre Arts at Wright State University, and former Dean of the School of Fine and Performing Arts at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. He writes about his academic career and how his Theatre Arts department became the most outstanding undergraduate program in Ohio. In 1992 he edited and published Memories of Rahija, stories of his mother. 

    Altogether in 296 pages there are 55 entries in ten sections

DAAF Board Member, Hish Shtayyeh, featured in the Dayton Business Journal!

2014 Oscar Nods for the Arab World:

"The Square," directed by Jehane Noujaim and produced by Karim Amer, was nominated in the Documentary Feature category. The film depicts a unified front in Egypt during the 2011 uprising in Tahrir Square against the then president, Hosni Mubarak.

Sara Ishaq’s documentary, "Karama Has No Walls," was nominated in the field of Documentary Short Subject. The emotional film focuses on the 2011 uprisings in Yemen, with most of the footage stemming from real events that unfolded during protests against the government.

"Omar," directed by Hany Abu-Assad was nominated for the Foreign Language Film category. The film follows three young Palestinian men who kill an Israeli soldier. One of them, Omar, is arrested and beaten by Israeli agents. He is then told that he will be given freedom only if he assists in capturing the man who is believed to be the shooter.

These films are all streaming on Netflix.


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