Join DAAF in Alleviating Suffering in Gaza

The Dayton Arab American Forum extends its heartfelt concern and support to all individuals affected by the recent hardships in Gaza. The profound loss of life and the impact on communities is a source of deep sadness and calls for a compassionate response.

Our organization is dedicated to the principles of education, cultural understanding, and the support of humanitarian efforts. We are moved to act by the human stories that have emerged, stories of individuals and families facing unprecedented challenges. It is our aim to bring attention to these human experiences and to encourage the provision of aid where it is most needed.

We invite all who are moved by compassion to stand with us. Contributions to our efforts enable us to continue our work and to help amplify the needs and experiences of those in crisis. For the next 6 months, 50% of any membership proceeds will be directly forwarded to the Palestinian American Medical Association (

We are grateful for the empathy and support shown by our community. It is with a collective commitment to humanitarian values that we can contribute to the global efforts to alleviate suffering and promote peace. We also plan to continue with additional educational events, and continuing to connect our community. Join us at and get connected with the community in WhatsApp:

DAAF is a registered 501c3 nonprofit; all contributions are tax deductible.